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Leadership Profiles
Sun, Aug 11, 2019
Duration:44 mins 47 secs
A contrast between the calling of King Saul and King David. A look at what made the calling of David different than that of Saul and what that meant for the destiny of Israel.
Lessons From The Last Supper
Sun, Nov 04, 2018
Duration:38 mins 49 secs
The first thing Jesus did at the last supper was to wash the feet of His disciples. This counter-cultural act of leadership is an example of to the church of what leadership should look like.
Being a Missional Church
Sun, May 27, 2018
Duration:47 mins 5 secs
How are the concepts of being missional and raising leaders connected? Why do we need to raise leaders to fulfill the Great Commission? We can not leave it to our pastors alone to fulfill what Christ instructed us, it is up to all of us find our calling and make disciples.
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