Matt Duffy

Matt Duffy
Role: Transitional Lead Pastor

Latest sermons by this teacher

General topics
Sun, Jul 14, 2019
Duration:31 mins 42 secs
A Powerful story of Unity In the Church in Eastern Europe (1722-60) shows us a glimpse of the call that God gave to the church. Join us as Pastor Matt ties this amazing story to us today.
Sun, Mar 24, 2019
Duration:28 mins 8 secs
In the second message in our series on relationships, we look at what our relationships with others are meant to look like. How has God designed these relationships to function and do we do our part to ensure that this is how they operate?
Sun, Mar 17, 2019
Duration:38 mins 32 secs
The first in our new series, What is our relationship with God to look like? How should we look to others because of it?
The Holy Spirit
Sun, Mar 10, 2019
Duration:38 mins 6 secs
In the final message of this series, Pastor Matt ties together this series with our series on the last supper. Showing that as Christ was sent to show God to us, Christ sends us to show God to others.
The Holy Spirit
Sun, Feb 10, 2019
Duration:30 mins 49 secs
In this final message in our series on the Holy Spirit we look at the power that we gain from Him. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit we are people of great power, we only need to recognize how the Holy Spirit works in and through us.
Tags: Power
The Holy Spirit
Sun, Jan 27, 2019
Duration:38 mins 26 secs
When we talk about "The Gifts of The Holy Spirit" there are a great many opinions about what that means. In the second sermon on our series on The Holy Spirit, Pastor Matt begins to look at these concepts and what they look like and mean to us.
The Holy Spirit
Sun, Jan 13, 2019
Duration:32 mins 17 secs
Before he was crucified, Jesus promised a Helper. In this message Pastor Matt begins to unpack what this promise looked like and what it means to us today.
General topics
Sun, Dec 09, 2018
Duration:35 mins 21 secs
As we come up to Christmas, we begin to look at who Jesus the man was. How does his life affect us? How should we respond to him? These are all questions that Pastor Matt touches on in this sermon.
Lessons From The Last Supper
Sun, Nov 25, 2018
Duration:27 mins 53 secs
What of the conversations that occurred on the night of the last supper took place between Jesus and the disciples. In this conversation Jesus made a bold claim about how to approach God. Join us as Matt looks at the far reaching implications that "Nobody comes to the Father but by me..."
Lessons From The Last Supper
Sun, Nov 18, 2018
Duration:29 mins 35 secs
Following the washing of the disciple's feet, Jesus spoke with the disciples for what he knew would be one of the last teachable moments he had with them. In this conversation, he gave them a clear and distinct commandment. This was a significant moment and conversation. What can we learn from this moment? What does this moment tell us of how we are to treat one another?
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