General topics
Sun, Apr 16, 2017
Duration:34 mins 17 secs
When Jesus appear to the women after the resurrection, it is interesting that,in Mark's gospel, the angel told the women to tell the disciples AND Peter that Jesus was no longer in the tomb. Why was Peter singled out? Join us as Pastor Jake takes a look at this in his Easter message.
General topics
Sun, Apr 09, 2017
Duration:32 mins 36 secs
Join us as Jim gives us a basic teaching on Baptism
General topics
Sun, Apr 02, 2017
Duration:48 mins 2 secs
General topics
Sun, Feb 26, 2017
Duration:39 mins 15 secs
What power does prayer really have? How is it relevant and real to us? Join us as we examine this today and see what power prayer really has!
General topics
Sun, Feb 12, 2017
Duration:29 mins 51 secs
How do we treat those around us? Do we have grace with them? We explore the importance of that subject.
The Way of the Cross
Sun, Jan 15, 2017
Duration:57 mins 25 secs
Join us for the conclusion of this 2 part series on the significance of the Cross
The Way of the Cross
Sun, Jan 08, 2017
Duration:56 mins 57 secs
What is the significance of the cross? Follow us as John leads us on a 2 week journey called "The Way of the Cross" to see what the significance and testimony of the cross truly is and what that means in our lives.
General topics
Sun, Dec 18, 2016
Duration:1 hr 0 mins 22 secs
General topics
Sun, Dec 11, 2016
Duration:56 mins 52 secs
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