A series where we take a look at relationships, between us and God, us and others and us and our possessions. How should these look in us and what effect should these relationships have on us?

Often we have misconseptions or unbiblical concepts around the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Join us for this series as Pastor Matt demystifies some of the concepts and conceptions and unpacks what the Bible teaches regarding the Holy Spirit. 

The Bible has much to say about suffering. But when we are going through those difficulties, how do we understand them? Join us for this 3 week series as we look at what our perspective should be through suffering, where it comes from and how will God use it in our lives. 

The last meal that Jesus shared with his disciples prior to His crucifixion holds important lessons for us. What can we take away from this important night and the lessons that Jesus passed on to his Disciples. 

In Matthew 28 we were commissioned to "Go and Make Disciples". During this series we take a look at what that means to us as a church and the church universal. 

A look at 4 different names of God and how they demonstrate our relationship with Him and His role in our lives. 

What is the significance of Jesus as our Great High Priest? How does affect the work of redemption and His unique ability to bring that redemption?

A detailed look at just a few of the Psalms. 

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