Learn the Gospel, Obey the Gospel, Celebrate the Gospel!

It is for ages 10 to 15.

Our Vision, which shapes what we will do on Thursdays, is to learn about Jesus, learn to follow Jesus, and celebrate Jesus.
Our starting capacity will be 25 youth (until we find more sponsors and leaders).







Covid Protocols:

  1. All leaders are to where a mask at all times, unless speaking/teaching from the front.
  2. Youth must where masks, except during beverage/snack time.
  3. Hand sanitizing stations are to be in every room youth will be.
  4. Social distancing is honoured as much as is possible given the activity and event.
  5. If anyone is experiencing symptoms they must stay home, it is recommended to be tested.
  6. Limit is set to 30 youth (with attendance for contact tracing if needed).
  7. Vaccinations aren’t yet entirely approved for youth so we have not recommended it, but leave it to the parents to decide (there will be no checking for vaccination or passports, the choice is left to people).

Monday - Friday - 8:30am - 1:30pm

1250 26th Street, Castlegar BC



(250) 365-3430